Water Sterilization without Chemicals

Terminator® is a high-quality sterilizer which destroys all bacteria and algae by means of ultraviolet light.

Terminators® housing is made of high-grade VA4 stainless steel, electro-polished and absolutely insensitive to internal and external influences.

Main usage:
Swimming Pools and Whirlpools Drinking Water Supply Hotels Single- and multiple-init hiuses Holiday and weekend homes Provate Water Supplies Wells.Drinking Water storage tanks Boats Caravans Industry Dairies Breweries Mineral water based products Foodstuff manufacturing Medical areas Terminator makes it possible to minimize the use of water care agents. Its UV light kills all bacteria, microorganisms and algae.

Terminator® does not add anything to the water, so it does not change the water's taste or pH end therefore preserves its beneficial properties. Even if used frequently, Terminator sterilizes water perfectly using a minimal amount of chlorine, protecting bathers from eye irritation and skin allergies. Terminator is the number one system for combating microorganisms and algae in swimming pools and whirlpools.

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